Day Two & Three

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OMG we had a great time at Disneyland ... Mira got to ride all the rides she wanted...we watched a parade... James screamed like a girl.... all in all it was the scary way, to cut school...

Zoe called home last night
Of course she is having a great time... she misses Mira and the Dog can she be so happy when I feel like someone cut off one of my arms..... at night it's the worst, I miss the sound of her voice and her goodnight hair kiss.... the smell of her freshly washed hair and day old tshirts.... I guess it's true what they say about kids... that it is like an appendage of yourself.... I constantly have the feeling that something is missing.... sigh....

Thursday was a little better... however, Miss Mira misses Zoe a LOT!  A lot more than I think she anticipated... I tried to have a quite day but ended up going here and there... oh well, the holidays are right around the corner and I cant quite get a grasp....It's missing the Zoe flavor.....

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