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Vegas is calling....

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Jeepers! did you check out what's happening at Cruft Labs? 
I'm sure you have .... 'cause nobody links directly to me .....
NAB is here again, and one whole week without my lunch box...sigh... all I have is the dog... smelly dog... sigh... AND to add some bitter to my pain... NAB coincides with National Turn Off the TV week!!!.... R U KidDinG!?!......no it's true, just link through.....
Doesn't anybody read the Dooce!!  Cant they see the value in a little mindless time warp?!?
Yeah I know it's the cathode ray  nipple /brain sucker.... but how is one suppose to cook dinner without it?
ALSO< doesn't it sound a bit coincidental to anyone else?... largest tv convention vs a no tv viewing week?....Thousands of at home moms with no TV for a week....scary..... is it a conspiracy? ....maybe oliver stone needs to check it out... hmmmmm....
a scary screenplay perhaps?......

It's taken sometime to digest

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Wow.. so if you haven't heard I got quoted in New York Times!! All the news that fit to print. My Cruft box does a great job with the pictures.  It was regarding pet adoption and the CraZiNesS of finding Piper (link back to Welcome Home Piper), who by the way has been with us a whole year!
Anyways.. the residual fallout from the article is this wonderful message from my cousin James. (audio file coming soon) tee hee! 
Things with my Alzheimer grandmother are doing better but not.... she is now on Haldol, something they like to call a medical restraint drug... she is such a treasure of a person, I feel lucky that she is MY Popo.  She tells me stories of when she was young in China, how she rode horses, and bicycles.  She loved to just go out for the whole day walking.  She tells me of a time when visiting dignitaries from all over the world would come to dinner at her house to meet with my grandfather.  The servants would all wear white gloves and the tables would be covered in white linen tablecloths.  How in the summer they would all go up into the mountains where they had a pool and a lake.....BUT most of the time she ranting on about how everyone is stealing from her and that she is so poor...she doesnt like to be old and things are really scary for her.....

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