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So my kids go to public school.... and according to all California standings, the school is considered one of the top schools in the state.....that being said..... my little scarygirls are going to be attending school for only 14 days this month and HALF of those days are half days......shit...I cant believe this, I am shocked and appalled... we just had a huge ugly school board elections and vote in another round of mediocrity... that is all in favor of a better work place for the teachers and less classroom time for my kids....I hope all my homeschooling friends are smitten right now....Is it so shocking that all Arnold's initiatives failed?  The guy has never attended a public school and neither have his wife or kids.... I think the school needs to get back down to work and away from Fund raising...
I am seriously close to considering homeschooling my kids .... then again I am on my period...shit.

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