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Mikey and I are celebrating our 10th Year!!!
WOW!! I cant believe it's been that long
or that short.....

First thing this morning I busted out the wedding album
...'Jenny looks so young!' = Zoe
..'mommy, your hair was so long!' = Mira

..."I cant believe that it was me under all that hairspray!!"...
.."Look how thin I was!!"... eeekkkk

The toll that child rearing has taken .... only ten years...
but looks like an entirely different lifetime ago.

Happy? Incredibly! and looking forward to romantic

A little ten year marriage rant/rave;
Being happily married is hard work
Trying to talk about money is still hard
Yeah, I go to bed mad sometimes
and that's ok
He still doesn't pick up he socks or water glasses
and that's not ok...but....whatever
It's all worth it for me, because I got
it bad for my box of cruft


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saw this on sledgeblog and must have.
I wonder how you can copy the playlist?

My Man & his Tastes

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My box of cruft has been blogging about me.....

Things I never GOT

1. Spinal Tap
2. Fraternity Jokes
3. Gaming
4. Road to Perdition
(and other countless movies than have NO women in them).

Yet I still wash his underwear....
I didn't marry him because of his taste or standard of living.
tee hee tee hee

House Arrest

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I can not leave the house this week.
...must not have a consumer moment...

..must resist urge to be stupid...cosmo

Mira's camp tuition is due this week and
I must not spend a dime of it before the check clears way to handle this is... quilt and sew....
ahhh, the life of the at home mommy

oh yeah, there is that mountain of filthy laundry.


I would never pull my kids' teeth OUT!!!
Mikey just reached in her mouth and popped her tooth out WHILE she is talking on the PhoNe!!


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sledge from woxy

The day the music died

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Boo Hoo!!!
WOXY has ended it's internet broadcast..
I am left music-less.
WHat am I gonna do!?!
It's a sad day indeed....
to lose an outlet for something that was truely
alternative and fresh...
...well it's just too much ...
I know that there are others out there
but none was as perfect as WOXY because
of the Cincinnati ties. For me, listening to the local
weather report gave me a sense of connection to
my friends and family back there.
A daily affirmation that home was still home.
I followed my favorite local bands from college
and every now and again get a reference to a
show or club I had gone to back in da day.
That feeling of, yes, I had a different life and
a soundtrack to prove it.

In the time it takes to make toast
I found Radio XY
and bought a CD of the last 7 days of
live broadcast from WOXY
in MP3 format, of course.
WHo loves ebay and community boards!?!

ANd we will all move on.

I FinIshEd It!!!

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I finally finished my sister wedding quilt top
see pix in photo album. I must say I kind of like it!
Anyways, now I must pack it all up to go to the
workshop I am hosting this Saturday morning.
We will be having a crazy weekend with horse shows
and fun fair chaos!
I think I will start making rice crispy treat starting tomorrow

Today is the celebration!!! I finished a quilt!!!!! YEAH!!

The Pox of '04...
seems that several of Zoes' playmates have come down
with the chicken pox...
no signs yet of any itching from either girlie...
but I still have 5 days till we are in the clear..

Mother's day at the scary household was very nice
the girls snuggled with me in the morning ... yummy...
made their own breakfast/snack... icky....
played quitely in front of TV... boring..
and in general were wonerful.
I, of course, worked at my sewing machine!

Here is Lisas quilt... partly done...

Not really my colors but she loves it!

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