Look What I found Under My Pillow



Mikey and I are celebrating our 10th Year!!!
WOW!! I cant believe it's been that long
or that short.....

First thing this morning I busted out the wedding album
...'Jenny looks so young!' = Zoe
..'mommy, your hair was so long!' = Mira

..."I cant believe that it was me under all that hairspray!!"...
.."Look how thin I was!!"... eeekkkk

The toll that child rearing has taken .... only ten years...
but looks like an entirely different lifetime ago.

Happy? Incredibly! and looking forward to romantic

A little ten year marriage rant/rave;
Being happily married is hard work
Trying to talk about money is still hard
Yeah, I go to bed mad sometimes
and that's ok
He still doesn't pick up he socks or water glasses
and that's not ok...but....whatever
It's all worth it for me, because I got
it bad for my box of cruft


Happy Anniversary!

Time flies, doesn't it!

You still look great!
So does Mike.

And,look what the two of you have accomplished!

hey, are those new curtains in your bedroom? er, uh, i mean, congrats! nice rocks! (but i really like the curtains)

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