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The phone has been exploding...

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What has that Scarymommy been up to!?!
Seems that she fell of the face of sanity and is just coming back from adventures in Europe.
August in the scary household was a constant dance of play dates and shopping.... Soooo incredibly happy that school started..... Firstday

Mommy seriously needed a break, some kind of life memorial event, something that did not entail bipolar behavior or getting arrested.  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
So, lucky for me, Lunchbox got a free trip to IBC 2005 Amsterdam.  sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
A trip to Europe was perfect, just what I needed ! 
I researched,schemed and planned... so here it is,
27 hours of fun in London then 58 hours in Amsterdam or How to do Europe the Scarymommy Way.
Wednesday, Sept 7 -Land at Heathrow at 10am, hop on Heathrow express to Paddington Station to transfer on to the Underground.

* A scary note on public transportation - I LOVE London transportation, the quality and user friendly system was everything and more.  The perfect example of British resiliency and design is the Underground. The 8th wonder of the world, a true monument to
human imagination.  Londoners suffered two terrorist attacks 3 months ago, yet still pile on to the sardine tins of unairconditioned carriages and wait packed on platforms for the ride.  I loved the temporary white boards that they put on the top of the escalators that give line updates every fifteen minutes. More so I love the contagious feeling of no fear, stiff upper lip, God save the Queen and cricket  -ness of the Brits.

I was all over the place in London... I stayed my one night at the Cumberland Marble Arch, and it was the greatest hotel. (really check out the link and you'll see). After a quick shower and tea... I was off.. I caught the underground and popped out at the V & A. What can you say but gorgeous/fabulous.
Then went a wandering, I walked up to Harrods and had checked out the Di and Dodi monument and the Egyptian food court.... final impressions of Harrods is touristy but fun. 
Next stop....Oxford street... Selfridges, Muji, Top Shop, New Look, Boots, and Lush... onward to Regent St and Mouton Brown, Pink, and crazy little teacup houses.  I then wandered toward the theater district and Chinatown, hoping to make it to the Transportation Museum but alas, my broken toe caught up with me.
*note to self- next time traveling with broken toe bring Birkenstock.  FYI I broke it 5 days before I had to leave, and it was just the baby toe.  Apache No Cry Girl.*

On Thursday, up and out by 10am ... check bag with concierge, then hit the Underground for a quick lift to Oxford Circus, then to Libertys.  I have always wanted to visit Liberty of London, I love their fabrics.  It was everything I dreamed of and more... lots of wonderful fabrics and yarns.. I didn't even bother to look at the rest of the store.
Around noon, after a spot of tea, I have to head back to the hotel to get to Heathrow for my flight to Amsterdam.... Get on the Underground, Central Line, but wait ... problem on the Central line, unknown departure time. Oh well, head out to Oxford Street and hopped on a double decker bus... fun fun fun riding out in the sun.. retrieve backpack at hotel and catch a cab, the classic London black cab, to the Green Park Underground station, it isnt on the troubled Central Line, to Heathrow terminal 4... Again easy to use and super friendly graphics.
An hour and a half later, I'm in Amsterdam.  Caught the hotel shuttle bus to Mikey.  Our hotel was great, but the room was so small I had to put one of the two chairs in the room out in the hallway because it was crazy tight. It was right next to the floating flower market and a quick walk to the museums.
MIkey spent much time working, and emailing. While I wandered and explored.  Had a great time at the open air market and sidestreet coffeehouses.  Drank more than my share of beer, Heineken.

The Van Gogh Museum was incredible, I had not realized that they had so many of his early works.  It really illustrates his growth as an artist and long slide into madness. 
What else can I really say, Amsterdam was my kinda town.  Lots of art and smoking.

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