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Ahhh, the dog days of summer is upon the scary household...
Summer has been tons of fun and excitement..
Holiday at the beach... hooray for rash guard shirts!!!!
Mikeylover I call this one "Mikey Lover"
Surfing the days a way and hiking around the Jockey Ridge sand dunes when it was 100 degrees out..
Surfing1 Surfing2
So far so good.  We are staring down the calendar at 33 days till school starts.. I can hardly wait, not that I dont love my kids.. its just that I cant get anything done while they are home... ahhhh such is the life... my quest for a clean house, and the love of my children...and a diet coke is all I need to get by today.. that and my doggie Piper.
who by the way has been sleeping outside of her crate lately...
Junepiper resistance is futile...
anyway i got to go mop the floor.. sigh...

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