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Scary Update

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It's been a while since I blogged sooooooo...
1. They girls room is much better, got rid of lots of stuff.
2. I went to see Steve Burns perform at Spaceland last Saturday and I must say... he is a mighty little man. He put on a short show with only a drummer, and lots of AV material. For a clip check out Mikey. I left wanting more. He needs more....... staging.
3. Went to see Bourne Supremacy, and I realized I am so NOT the movie girl. I cant buy into the Hollywood mind set. Matt Damon was dry white cardboard, and the camera work was so distrubing that I had to actually leave the theater and wait for Mikey outside. WTF is up with the camera shaking, quick edit, choppy editing filming style. Hollywood has just proven how you really dont need a story for a movie just some nice visuals. The plot was soooooooo predictable, and I haven't even seen the first movie.
Scarymommy give this film a double thumbs DOWN.
4. We are leaving for Cincinnati on Tuesday morning. I have a ganglion cyst growing on my right wrist that I think I am going to have removed. EEEEWWW. It is going to slow down my art production. shit.

Let's see is there anything else..... Oh yeah, Mira turned 6, ohhhhhhhhhhh she is quite a cutie and I am not just saying that 'cause she mine and all.

See for yourself.

Wearing Yellow and Purging

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RandY Olympians MeeeOOww!
thanks TBIT

Vacation was the greatest.
Hit the ground running when I got home.

Oh....the HumaNiTy!!!

I am in the process of purging the girls room and closet.
I ran out of garbage can space last week so I must be careful.
If I dont recognize it I toss it.
The purging process can OnLY be done while girlies are gone.
WHen they get home, they come running into the room to see what I have dug out
then begin the process of 'I wanna keep ThIsssss'... 'and This....' etc
So stealthy mommy makes sure its all bagged up and out of sight.

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