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It's been a solid week

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Week one with Piper....
well besides being the cutie pie, she is now P queen...
I am sure my water usage and paper towel consumption has increased ten fold
She has a definate opinion regarding the leash... she hates it...
she would rather snuggle down in her crate than to have leave the front door of the house
...anti social behavior? not.. i consider that a personality attribute...
We have been crate training her at night and I think it is going quite well....
the girls adore her.. Zoe loves to talk to her and pet her... Mira is the classic squealer and chase toy.. we all love her very much...
and a poke in the eye to the Pasadena Humane Society

Welcome Piper

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She is seriously cute!

That's right... we finally got a dog.
All the planets aligned and we were able to rescue a dog from the pound.
It has been a crazy pursit of heart break and broken little girl dreams...
I actually believe that some of the "rescues" are not really interested in rescuing the animals at all!  I attended 4 mobile adoption events and never got any further than filling out the 4 page application and handing it in.... nobody follows up.... they must figure that it is easier to just keep the dogs and milk the public for donations than to actually find the dogs a home.
I had been turned down 3 times by the counselors at our local SPCA, that's right, animal adoption counselors... only in LA would they need some much emotional support to get rid of stray dogs.... Irony, the dog I was interested in, and met with a counselor with, is still sitting in there at the pound...WTF!?!
More Adventures and pictures to come:
Say hello to Piper!

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