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It's Over...


The 27th Annual Glendale Quilt Guild Show is over...whew... I am sooo very glad.  This year was a fun year and I do have to give myself big snaps for people management.  The show looked great and the vendors were tons of fun and drama.  When ever you have to coordinate over 200 hundred people and 45 booths, drama is always in the mix... ie: "Where's my tables?"  "uh oh the left bank of lights just went out" to "The Ladies Room is flooding" .... the quilts were lovely... and the crowd was great..
I've been to lots of quilt shows and each has a it's own appeal... my guilds show is the only all volunteer event in the bunch...
The problem of course with voluteers is that they are so volunteer.  Maybe they show for their work, maybe they dont.... so I spend lots of time trying to fill in the gaps.... the ladies were on their best behavior .... surprising because I have a saying that goes "It aint a quilt show if the chair doesnt cry" ....... and after this year, the saying still stands.... crying tears the size of October cabbage with relief that they survived the process....

Another SxSW ....

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As you have probably guessed... I am not going to SxSW, however vicariously I do get some benefit from the event.
Last night the Twilight Singers, fronted by Greg Dulli... love him, love him..... cant say enough about him....AND.... Drummer Bobby McIntyre were... oh so sweaty and rockin'.. sigh.. They played at this great little dive bar in Glendale CA, called the Scene... this was the set list, supposedly,of  what they'll play at SxSW next week, anyway.... as usual, only 20 tickets at the door, doors open at 8pm...  I get there at 7pm, number 6 in line, and start reading my book... I was suppose to go with a friend, but she canceled, so I went with the book, a reading light, and an umbrella.... it called for rain in for a mere $15.00 cover I was in and picked a seat at the bar..... ordered a beer and read my book for FOUR hours.... band went on at 12:30, man they were killin' me with the wait... They rocked the first set! and did the obligatory encore... out by 1:45........ It was great and worth the wait... they did a bridge of Aerosmiths Dream On.... yummy!
I love the rock show at dive bars... just me & the band & 80 or so of our closest friends.... it's what I love most about being in LA.... the ability on ANY night of the week to see GREAT music at a multitude of small venues...

The Scariest of Mommys


Scariness is in full order...My life is totally out of control...
4th grade homework kicks my ass and 2nd grade vocabulary makes my undies tight....
My Popo has found a new adult day care that doesn't seem to mind her belligerent ways so I now have some relief in taking care of her.  My box of cruft is in San Diego for some geek meetings and the house has never been cleaner.
I read the Dooce daily and I dont know how she does it... how can you blog daily and still raise a child?  I can bearly schedule a pee without my kids calling/needing me.
The Glendale Quilt SHow is next week and I can hardly wait, as far as I am concerned it's pretty much over.  This is the last year and last time I EVER involve myself in a group where the average age is 70 and everyone is retired.
So I wish I had great earth shakin' news to blog about... but I dont.... please if you read this...comment so I dont think that the 13 hits I get a day are all from my mom.

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