The Scariest of Mommys


Scariness is in full order...My life is totally out of control...
4th grade homework kicks my ass and 2nd grade vocabulary makes my undies tight....
My Popo has found a new adult day care that doesn't seem to mind her belligerent ways so I now have some relief in taking care of her.  My box of cruft is in San Diego for some geek meetings and the house has never been cleaner.
I read the Dooce daily and I dont know how she does it... how can you blog daily and still raise a child?  I can bearly schedule a pee without my kids calling/needing me.
The Glendale Quilt SHow is next week and I can hardly wait, as far as I am concerned it's pretty much over.  This is the last year and last time I EVER involve myself in a group where the average age is 70 and everyone is retired.
So I wish I had great earth shakin' news to blog about... but I dont.... please if you read this...comment so I dont think that the 13 hits I get a day are all from my mom.


i thought the diggs coming to l.a. was earth shaking news. or maybe that's just the house settling.

LOL i know the feeling. I have 3 little ones and feel like the earth has been turned upside down

I, too, am married to a techno-geek who blogs [see]. We've managed to raise three good daughters [ages 21, 19, and 14, so technically the jury is still out]. I'm still working on how you pee in peace with kids. Something I've suspected for awhile is what I call "butt buzzers." I think the doctor implanted these buzzers in my butt that go off anytime my pants are down ... like when I'm in the bathroom, there's sure to be a call, "Mom, Mom, Mom". They can even hear the buzzers three states away! I can be luxuriating at being alone in the house, step into the bathroom, and as soon as air hits that delicate skin, the phone rings: "Hi, Mom, whatcha doin'?" The funny thing is my husband can hear the buzzers go off, too ...

Keep blogging ... the best way to keep sane with kids is to find some kind of adult interaction. Although it sounds like you might want to find someone under 70.

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