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Goin' to the Rock Show!

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Those who know me know I have a deep, deep appreciation for the rock show.

I love to see live music, the louder and more alternative, the better. Last night, my ever lovin' lunchbox, took his best girl to the show!!
I finally got to wear my boots & new skirt!! yummy.

The Twilight Singers with Up The Dose and Dirty Little Secret.

We had a bit of koren soup for dinner and watched the Red Sox win the World Series..... strange atmosphere, good kim chi.

The Twilight Singers are my FAVORITE band to see live.
1. Greg Dulli has got staging down... he is so consistant in his performance. Which is always up, on and warm. You can see how much he loves being on stage and interacting with the crowd. His banter reflects little inside jokes into himself. I am proud to say that I actually danced on a table, the bar and a washing machine for the Afghan Whigs.

2. Bobby McIntyre is the hottest drummer playing out there, bathed in Fuchsia stage lighting, he is incredible to watch. smokin' hot. double yummy

3. Going out on a Wednesday night!!!! A school night at that! Tee Hee Tee Hee

The opening bands were fun especially Up the Dose, however Dirty Little secret... well it's better kept a secret......
DLS= Dinosaur Jr. + the Cure + too much butt crack.
The sets was short and sweet.

The El Rey cracks me up, 3 bands are playing. When UTD is finished, all of their gear and stuff has to be haul not only off stage, but out of the facility. As soon as DLS was done they all were scampering around like rats to pack everything up. All during the show you can watch the opening bands and their entourage carry gear out the front door.

The scary household is a little tender in the ear. Next time I must bring earplugs or stand next to a huge person as a sound buffer. When DLS fired up their base line the hair on my head stood up.
** ScArY**

boobs have been on my mind



My #1 daughter is starting to develope breasts.
She will definately be bigger than me.....sigh
I had to go for my first mammogram today...
it was a serious boob squishing experience...
Do you know that October is breast cancer awareness month?
So be nice to all boobs this month.
Get out of yer bras!!!

Whew!!! I made it back.

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The scary family drove up to Oakland, CA this past weekend for my cousin, Maverick's traditional chinese wedding. The Prius did 105 without a wink.

Friday was great, with the ever present threat of barfing fresh on the girls and Mikeys mind.
We got there with no problems!
Clean and sunny the whole way... girlies even got to swim in the hotel pool... 'cause I'm good like 'dat!
I just want to take a shower and get cleaned up and wear my killer hot outfit that I got just for this occasion... ummm leather boots...
"Hey lunchbox... where is the red duffle? You know the one with my PILLOW on top of it and all my clothes?"...

"Baby, the car is empty, I brought everything in that was in the trunck"...

Ohhh, that sick feeling, I felt light headed and a bit giddy..

"Sweetie, I dont have any clothes!!!!! underwear, socks, BRA!!!"
.... it was looking really bad for MIkey....
His recovery.... "Let's get on the BART and go to San Francisco's Nordstrom, you can abuse the card"
He has learned quite alot in 10 years. xoxoxoxo

So we did... He went to the cafe with a full bar on the fourth floor, and I went Uber Shopping.
In the best of times, I hate buying bras.. this was the worst of moments to have to find one that fit!
I dont know about anybody else but at every special occasion, my mom feels my back to make sure I am wearing an appropriate bra. She's a freak like that.

1 hour & 45 minutes later and a flatten card we hopped back on the train and made it to rehersal dinner in Jack London Square in no time flat.
It was classic family reunion moments. Lots of pictures and little kids. My two were covered in lipstick from the Aunties kissing on them. I have like 11 or 12 Aunts and like 15 to 16 Uncles.
My mom's family is from China... another blog
All tired out and full of banquet food, we walked back to the hotel with the girls
and fell into bed..
which I will hereby declare "The Crippler"
When a bed is too small for me, you know that it must be absurdly small.

On Saturday we went back into San Fransico with girls and took them to the big Christmas display at Macys on Union Square. Can you believe it, it wasnt crowded?... why?
BECAUSE it's only HALLOWEEN!! Retail Freaks!
It was also pouring rain and Zoe was miserable in the rain. Mira loved it.
What can you do?

Anyway that afternoon was the ceremony at this beautiful church with a view of Oakland Bay, then a 7pm reception. A 10 course chinese meal began at 9pm. The girlies were going crazy by then.
In the classic chinese tradition we had, soup squab, duck, chicken, and of course several steamed fish.
*see Mikey's picture*
Zoe had a great time and caught the bouquet. Mira had had enough by 10pm that I had to take her back to the hotel where she quickly fell asleep.
I wanted to go to sleep but not on the crippler, so I slept in Miras bed.....
ohh such a terrible night of sleep.. it was the cripplers twin.

The next day was the drive home.
Mira cried "I want to stay here, I like all of us sleeping together!"
oh sweetie.. i need to get home to some clean underwear.

It's raining in LA

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A freak of nature... water falling out of the sky
I knew it had to rain because i started moving out

That's right...

I cant take it anymore!
I am moving to the garage
Everything that was in the garage is out on our
dirt patch of a back lawn with nasty blue tarp covering
It s sooooooo ghetto


It's been raining for two day and it totally poured
last night. I could bearly sleep. I had to check to make sure there was no leaking.
It rains so infrequently that I question the stability of the house!

So today, I busted another ant move and moved all the piles around and
dragged wet shit into the garage.
Jesus, is there anything more FUTILE!?!

If you havent been reading the dooce, you should.

Some scarymommy insight:
1. I love my husband and Henry Rollins.
2. My girls are the BEST and I am not just saying that 'cause their mine.
3. Happiness cannot be found at the Nordstrom Rack, only cheap candles.

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