Goin' to the Rock Show!

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Those who know me know I have a deep, deep appreciation for the rock show.

I love to see live music, the louder and more alternative, the better. Last night, my ever lovin' lunchbox, took his best girl to the show!!
I finally got to wear my boots & new skirt!! yummy.

The Twilight Singers with Up The Dose and Dirty Little Secret.

We had a bit of koren soup for dinner and watched the Red Sox win the World Series..... strange atmosphere, good kim chi.

The Twilight Singers are my FAVORITE band to see live.
1. Greg Dulli has got staging down... he is so consistant in his performance. Which is always up, on and warm. You can see how much he loves being on stage and interacting with the crowd. His banter reflects little inside jokes into himself. I am proud to say that I actually danced on a table, the bar and a washing machine for the Afghan Whigs.

2. Bobby McIntyre is the hottest drummer playing out there, bathed in Fuchsia stage lighting, he is incredible to watch. smokin' hot. double yummy

3. Going out on a Wednesday night!!!! A school night at that! Tee Hee Tee Hee

The opening bands were fun especially Up the Dose, however Dirty Little secret... well it's better kept a secret......
DLS= Dinosaur Jr. + the Cure + too much butt crack.
The sets was short and sweet.

The El Rey cracks me up, 3 bands are playing. When UTD is finished, all of their gear and stuff has to be haul not only off stage, but out of the facility. As soon as DLS was done they all were scampering around like rats to pack everything up. All during the show you can watch the opening bands and their entourage carry gear out the front door.

The scary household is a little tender in the ear. Next time I must bring earplugs or stand next to a huge person as a sound buffer. When DLS fired up their base line the hair on my head stood up.
** ScArY**

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