It's raining in LA

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A freak of nature... water falling out of the sky
I knew it had to rain because i started moving out

That's right...

I cant take it anymore!
I am moving to the garage
Everything that was in the garage is out on our
dirt patch of a back lawn with nasty blue tarp covering
It s sooooooo ghetto


It's been raining for two day and it totally poured
last night. I could bearly sleep. I had to check to make sure there was no leaking.
It rains so infrequently that I question the stability of the house!

So today, I busted another ant move and moved all the piles around and
dragged wet shit into the garage.
Jesus, is there anything more FUTILE!?!

If you havent been reading the dooce, you should.

Some scarymommy insight:
1. I love my husband and Henry Rollins.
2. My girls are the BEST and I am not just saying that 'cause their mine.
3. Happiness cannot be found at the Nordstrom Rack, only cheap candles.

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