Day One -

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Today I put my mother and first daughter on a plane to Taipei, Taiwan....15 hour flight..
Zoe left for 8 days of FuN .....  I CANT BELEIVE I DID IT......
I actually let my child leave the country without me...she schedule to go to several cities...
visit her great grandmother...see the national many incredible things
...sigh.. my headspins thinking about it...
I have traveled with my Mother and I know what Zoes' in for... tons of fun!!! and crazy food.

Miras compensation for all of this is... cutting school tommorrow and going to Disneyland!!!!
tee hee......she has all the rides planned out....we may stay till they kick us out......
See... I'm scary one minute then all joy the next!
(wait isnt cutting school is a badthing?)
Oh, I'm just all scary then....tee hee

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