A very sad Mommy


Today my grandmother past away, at 3:27pm. 
Her name was Sylvia Muchnick Keller.  She was born in Philadelphia PA, December 22, 1914. 
Her mother died shortly after childbirth and she was brought up by her paternal grandmother.  She grew up in a orthodox Jewish household.  When her father remarried, she became second thought. As my Aunt Shirley* Muchnick says "She(my grandmother) should be thankful because back then it was nothing to just leave an unwanted child at an orphanage"
Translated:  My grandmother was unwanted by her new family.
*Aunt Shirley... a Jewish Grandmother train wreck..too much makeup.. lipstick on her teeth... Prada purse..lots of bling.
I'm sad about my grandmothers death, but I'm glad it's over.  I loved her.. for all her cold prickly faults i loved her.  My grandma was one tough cookie.  She never did anything she didn't want.  She was a very private person.  She never went to doctors or dentists.  She treated all her ailments with Bayer Aspirin. Thick headed and impossible to sway.
She use to ask me what computers were.. what was this Internet thing?  I tried to put it all into terms that she could understand.."It's a TV with a typewriter attached..."  She could never get her head around the idea of asking the TV for directions.
What can I say... I'm not as articulate as I should have been.
I was never the good granchild..that was my sister.. scarymommy was the rebel.. the girl with a bad attitude who refused to brush her hair. What can I say.. it started early....
I loved her, and I miss her deeply.


So sorry to hear about your loss :(

Beautifully articulate!
Thank you for the honest and touching post about your grandmother.

Well put. So sorry about your loss.

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