Scarymommy 40 year Retrospect


Ahhhhh, What a wonderful day it is..... the first Sunday of NFL
I have much love for the grid iron.
The girlies started school and everyone started soccer. Yesterday we were full throttle soccer games. Mikey ref'd in his yellow uniform, Mira in her Shamrock green , and Zoe in the yet to be named acid green team. I have a banner to make!
I also turned 40 this week...... I can hardly believe it...
My Mikey took me out for a movie and dinner. It was lot's of fun and star gwakking.
Her one tit was larger than Mikey's head!
It was wonderful all the way around.

We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night. It was lot of Indian food, & Taj Mahl beer. We had a great time. While walking to the magazine stand, I got egg'd!!!! Can you believe it? Mikey tried to run the car down. What a guy!!!!! The car of laughing punks drove off. Cocksuckers. That kind of put a little damper on things but nothing a clean t and shorts couldn't fix. Had some after hours fun with the neighbors and went to bed happy.

The best thing about turning 40 is definately the perspective.
And a two drink maximum.


40 never looked so good nor acted so young... Happy Birthday.

do people really get egged? very strang land you live in.

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