My box of cruft came back

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Well... he came home..
sans sickness, facial bruises or fines
I must rant....
what is it with getting back to normal?
My man is great, no doubt, but man is he a mess
THE minute he gets home, it is a total
explosion of dirty clothes, spent magazines and
assorted male paraphernalia....
wallet, watch... knives.....
I would take a cool picture of his crap but
sigh.... I have lost my camera.....
I have a greater sense of lose regarding the
content on the memory card....
a great little clip of Mira talking...
sign.. I wish I could call it.... like
a lost cell phone.
SOOOOOOOOO, if anyone reading this needs
$500.00 of design/marketing work
let me know

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I asked the girls last week about your camera ~ they honestly did not have a clue either.


Have things ever disappeared like this before, only to reappear a few days/weeks later in a completely weird spot?? Or am I jumping to Unsolved Mystery-like conclusions...

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