What have I been doin!?!

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Scarymommy has definitely changed since the Avalon show.... I even logged some time in with Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl....
I am going to refocus scarymommy to my new interests of.. swap-bot and cycling.
Last June I started taking spin classes at our local studio... I met great people and had amazing self motivational revelations....I started riding my bike more outside to the market or gym...by the fall I had started to think about setting a goal.. It took awhile to set a goal.... the goal has to be something more substantial than just weight lose or pant size... still working on that..
All of this a lead to the purchase of my second Bianchi ... pics to post soon.. so here is where the blog will pick up... my adventures in road biking.

The next thing I am lovin hard on is swap-bot.... it's wonderfully fun and super easy... I am attracted to handmade craft aspect of it ..but.. I think you could swap just about anything you can think of there, within reason and shipping cost...

More to come

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