The Twilight Singers @ The Avalon

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Greg Dulli was at it again..... tearin' up LA with his band and entourage....
The Avalon is a GrEaT venue.. beautiful interior with plush VIP booths and many bars...Parking was a bit of a rip off but I'm no school girl...the sound system and lighting was great...BuT the best part was the bands!!  first off was Jeff Klein who has opened for TS before and he was lots of looped fun... Dulli came out to played drums on Kiss & Tell and beaned a chick in the front row with a drum stick when he was finished... next up was Afterhours, an Italian rock band, and I am NoT exagerating when I say ROCK .... they kicked ass in english and italian.... again Dulli came on to play guitar and sing in italian if he could get any sexier...dullipolooza...
The house was packed when TS finally hit the stage... and it was smokin'.... ooohhhh that Bobby McIntyre was all sweat and glam..... on the final song he kicked out the drumset, hopped over the pile and planted one right on Greg!! ... some serious hot man on man action... ahhhh I love the rockshow...

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I was just Googling around for Dulli info (a fetish of mine) and came upon your review of the Avalon show. When I read, "Dulli came out to played drums on Kiss & Tell and beaned a chick in the front row with a drum stick when he was finished..." I was just compelled to tell you that I was the chick that got beaned with the drum stick! I didn't necessarily consider it a "beaning" per se, but god knows, it hit me, (not my head, thank god) I grabbed it, and shoved it down my skirt. The perfect finale to following them for four shows to end up in LA. There's a super-short clip of the show on YouTube, if you haven't seen it. I wish someone had gotten more footage, but alas. Oh well, I can see myself in the video footage, I spoke to him in Portland, I'm on your blog, and I have his drumstick!!!

That just made me laugh and I had to share.

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