My best friend...

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My soul mate Jenny got her heart broken this weekend...

I grieve with her and try to not bash the guy... nothing is worst than having your heart broken THEN listen to your friends bash on the guy and tell you how you are SOOO much better off still is painful... I hear it in her voice and it make me sad. 

What I dont understand is that Jenny is great!  I have spent so much of my adult life with Jen...and I think she is perfect... yet when it comes to guys, she gets stuck with the poorly prepared and uncommitable.  I love her so ... What is wrong with guys today!?


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The poorly prepared and uncommitable. Nice. I hate to think what all my exs were saying about me when I didn't pull the trigger. Well here I am, ready and willing!!! (silence pervades) Anyway.......

Hey I lost your email. Hit me at home

When are you back in town? How is Lisa doing" She is in my prayers.

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