The Horror and the Irony

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Sooooo, kind of a frightening sight....
the two girlies came home on Friday with the
caution tape to slap across the box.
"It's national turn off the tv week Mommy!!!"
It's more like a national conspiracy
No TV, including DVD, videos and Tivo since 8 pm on Sunday.
It is a tough three hours before dinner but the girls
have been hanging tough. Today we almost broke down
to watch a dvd... in my room so the neighbors couldn't see...
but in the end we just couldn't break with the fast.

The irony of course is that Mikey is in Las Vegas for
the annual NAB convention..... National Association of Broadcasters
TV's, TV's, TV's everywhere and not a laptop to be found.
I dont think he would survive this week
"No TV !?! WHat the hell!?!"
Thank god for him it's not turn off the computer week

PS This imags was taken with my phone camera...
that's why it's so crappy... now if I had my digital camera...
it would be a whole different story.

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Turn off the TV week? I didn't know there was such a thing! I think we could all benefit from that. I'm so proud of you!

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