Did you see Janets Boob!?!


Crazy SUper bowl party!
Lot's of food and fun.
Kids everywhere, and tv's
Mickey made the meat abomination
It was a crowd pleaser...
me, well, I just dont have the stomach for
it... weird.
I made my famous ancient chinese secret dumplings

Throughout the football season, fans are won and lost
How does NFL fandom work?
The way I see it is....
First comes your hometown team....
Second is your division....
I didnt really care about who was playing the big game.
So who should you root for???
The one with the cutest qb?
The team with the better logo/colors?
you root for your conference.
Fandom = Loyalty
I wish LA would get a team
I have the best name for them
The LA Stars!
it's perfect.
An outdoor stadium with real turf and sushi
no frozen beer and some sort of meat byproduct
LA would be football in paradise.....


it was the best the thing ive ever seen

it was sexy

It was the best boob out of all the rest of the worthless boobs that were on stage during half time

great leave her alone

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