It's New Years Eve 2003

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Must blog.....
Havent been able to comfortably blog
for sometime now.... as you can tell from
the lack of entries,
Mikey and the kids & I went to a party
at a new friends house.... their house rocks
beautiful kitchen and space, pool, hot tub, but no
yard. They looked over the entire San Gabriel Valley
and at night..... it was a SEA of lights, incredible.

the new year is upon us and ....
there is no difference... no mircle or
horror...... and ya' know.... it's a good thing.
the comfort of familiar and the rhythm of everyday

"Mommy, it's time to go..I need to talk to my blankie"
Mira Lean at 9pm this evening, ahhhhh right on time

my resolution this year is to
1. win the $70 million jackpot lotto
2. if that fails...

try to be the bestest scariest mommy
i can be.

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