I cant believe it

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Truth is stranger than fiction
We, as in the state of California, have just
sworn in Arnold as govenor.
I dont know if I should be embarassed or
terrified. His first proclamation as the gov
will be to repeal the car tax.
whopppeee for him
'cause he owns 6 Hummers. Me, I got
one nice car but will it EFFECT my DMV payment?
Probably not.
The state of California is fiscally hydroplanning
turn left, skid right.......
My favorite headlines have been the one where
they proclaim shock, horror and disbelief at the budget size
it is so all about the drama here.
CA is so broke that the projected $ amount to save us = $41 billion.
that is a mighty big jagged pill to swallow AND
are we even worth saving...........
what would happen if we didn't do anything and
just kept smiling and making movies?
Is there any REAL difference in what we..... wait...
could we rewind that and play back at 2x?
I dont think that was from my good side?
Is it me or is the light getting crappy?
When's lunch?

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