Back from Houston Texass

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That's right, i'm back.
Houston is the worst layed out city
I have EVER visited.
They have a freeway that goes
north, south and east.
go figure
and they need to invest some transportation
money into some SERIOUS signage.
The Quilt show was really fun and I
think I even managed to dreg up some business
Had some serious laughs and saw some of the most incredible
fiber/quilted art work.
It's inspiring.
Came home to get my full speed cleaning freak on!
The house had been partied in, and it showed.
The girls had been without the mommy
and it showed.
The emails = 1200-ish
only 8 that were of any real relavance.
It's chilly here in SoCal, Mikey fired up ol' Bessy the
furnace, and I am starting on new quilts for the
I sure missed the heck out of them.

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