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Golly, it's been a while .....
Today is the last day of soccer season
Thank god!
I am all over the soccer mom thing
however i get to missing my Saturdays
I have been very busy with my guild
I love quilters, no doubt, but golly they
are a crazy bunch.
I came home from getting a workshop setup and found
the house empty. I know I should hop back into the
BMW and go find the kids but really all I want to do is
blog about the ladies.
It always makes me smile when I get a workshop started.
Everyone is bright and some what awake
They have been pulling fabric and supplies
since Thursday. Packing it as organized as possible
Then pulling all of it out, throwing it down on the table
and still wishing they had packed more
some will agonize over color and theme choices
while others will tear into their stash and
cut anything that moves
The Ladies, the ladies.....

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