Is there anything better than an Oreo?

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Yeah! A double stuff!!
Mikey has been out of town since Thursday
I have had thirty seconds to myself since
The girls have been fantastic
We have had birthday parties all weekend
and soccer
It was so hot today on the socer field that the
ref called the game after 3 periods because
the girlies were lagging.
They were so cute and sweaty!
Zoe had some serious hustle the first period
I think she is starting to figure out if she
plays hard early on, the coach will let her
sit out a period or play goalie.
SHe RoCks!!
Mira had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese
at 10am..... ugh pizza before noon?
It was incredibly stimulating!
I stode next to the soda fountain and
drank as much fountain Diet Coke I could get
down my gullet.
Mira had 79 tickets
Zoe, 480 tickets
the difference between being 7 at CEC and
being 5.
We were out of tokens by 11:30am.
Down $20 and up by a squishy ball, body glitter, and a paddle ball
good times

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