I found my blogging mojo.....

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I found my blogging mojo.....
My sisters wedding was great, beautiful
and all around a fun time. As predicted,
mom, stepfather and his mélange family was
a no show. typical yet disappointing.
But not really missed.
I gave a great reading from the Tao Ching. Plus,
a little jumping down from the alter.
I was a vision in Tarte.
The girls were magnificent in their
white dresses and stockings.
Mira was the family photographer. Mikey let her use
the digital camera and she took some great shots!
We came home to a full run for the start of school.
Zoe in 2nd grade, Mira in Kindergarten.
I am at the school four times a day.
good times.
This now leaves me with ony 2 1/2 hours a day
to get anything done.
more good times.
Oh yeah, have I told you about my
volunteer work with the Glendale Quilt Guild?
OMG, so much fuckin' craziness.
It's getting to be quite a full time gig just
staying out of the fire.
I wish they could afford my dayrate,
or even my raw feed.

I am feeling overwhelmed by all
the dirt in my house.

must.. windex.. the ... bathroom floor .......

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