Wash day is once again put off

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The washers broken. Halleluah!
I think that appliance designers work in a vacuum.
Because what they consider a LARGE load is definately not
what I consider a LARGE load, let alone a SUPER load.

So it stands to reason if a small load = 2 pairs of jeans,
regular load = 4-6 pairs of jeans,
exlarge (super) load should be 10-12 pairs of jeans.

I have had my washing machine fixed 3 times...
2x's by hubby, 1x had to pay smelly Armenian to fix it.
each time it is the agitator transmission that breaks.

I dont know... I dont think that I am that hard on the machine.
I think I am pretty much the normal user.
7-9 loads weekly.
Mostly kid stuff.
Laundry Never Sleeps

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