OMG I went to the Movies

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That's right I actually WENT to the movies..
I saw Matrix Reloaded and I must say...
It was boring....
I told this to trikster, he couldn't believe it...
he just shook his head and sighed.
Last night I went to see The Italian Job
and I loved it...
and not because it had Jason Statham, yummy!!!!
I am definately NOT Hollywood demographic.
I see few movies and I dont watch television (it rots yer brain)
And the only movies that I want to see now are movies that
actually benefit from being on the large screen.
ie: Steel Magnolias is just fine as a rental for TV,
while The Two Towers is enhanced when it's 20 ft tall.
Anyways, it was all a good time.
I still think that the Matrix would have been better if Trinity had died.
Again, this is only my opinion. Not the opinion of the blogger
community or any of it's affiliates

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