Spontaneous Party


Does this ever happen to you..?..
Hanging out during the weekend...
Nothing planned, just hangin'
when all of a sudden you look up and
your husband is flying out the door to a Dodger
, .... ok ... i can hang.....
Zoe off to a birthday party... so now it
is just Mira and me.... so we go to IKEA so she
can play in the ballpit
Now we are no longer hangin'
we are doing things...
Come home.... family finally groups up around
5:30 and
It's Spontaneous Party...
What is killin' me besides, the hangover from the $2 Chuck..
is I was all about just hangin', not cooking, which I think was apparrent from slapped together meal I put together.
Mrs Diggs, you would have never let me put out on the table what I did last night.
You are so missed, actually I think Martin missed you the most.


spontaneous is exactly that. you must forgive yourself and move on. and, please, for me, drink up another bottle of two-buck-chuck.

nobody knows how dry i am.

Spontaneous parties are the best. There are no expectations on the host, so you can just boil up an old boot and toss that on the table. Or better yet, make a few comments about tired feet and not preparing for company, then send one of the "crashers" out for Thai food.

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