I Just Cant Take it!!!!


My Mother is driving me crazy.
She insists on trying to emotionally remove herself from
any family resolve.
She is Hamas.
Anyone who knows me, knows about me and
my crazy ass mom.
They pity me.
It cracks me up
She has been an emotional terrorist.
Well, there it is ... please...
anyone who reads this little slice of the internet,
leave a comment and help out a sista'
What the hells' a girl to do?


what's a girl to do? drink! drink i say. drink until you can't recognize your mother.

and some chocolate might help too.

helpful getting term "emotional terrorist". I am a grandma who moved close to daughter a few months ago because hub has Parkinsons. Biggest problem so far is her competition with me for "world's best ma or grandma." Baking cookies with girls brings comment about burned bottoms of cookies or failure to remember the batter has raw eggs in it. (Please remind me before children taste it.) Have not said much. In position of needing help.

you gotta get inner peace

then all emotion passes over you, except that which you choose to retain

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