Dear Scary Mommy


My husband is addicted to his computer
The day goes...
wake up, turn on computer, start reading boards....
...times passes....
start posting.....
...times passes....
eat something, while reading anything laying on the table.....
I love my man, but WTF to do!?!
PC widow

well, SM thinks that this situation needs some space and time.
I, however, consciencely make the decision to NOT go
on the computer..
NOT to watch television...
I cant let my brain get filled with all that blather
I need space and time..
to free my mind...
so I can...
clean more.


Go Girl!

I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but Mike resently confided to me that he is a secret agent for the CIA focused on Internet crimes. What might look like blogging, and reading boards is really just a cover for the more important work of saving our country from cyber-terrorists and the like. I, for one, commend Mike for the tireless hours he spends at the computer and know, in my heart, that it really is the ultimate expression of patriotism.
God Bless you, Mike. The country is behind you 100%!!!

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