a moment to blog...


what is it with houses and kids...
just when your floating along
doin ok...
then BAM! a dental appointment rocks my
I took my kids to the dentist today,
good times,
the airconditioning in the office was out
all the assistants were "sweatin' like June brides!"
...I pretty much expect a little sealant here..
maybe a filling there...
Not today, no today I was told that Mira needs this
crazy ass apparatus to create more upper palate space
but what about all the dental insurance?!?
50% coverage, whew......
but still a chunk of change..
(I guess I wont be getting that massage this month)
I take them in on Thursday morning
for the 'procedure'
Mira saw the thing, but has no idea..
(I better stock up on bubble gum tylenol)
I wore braces...
wore 'em to my senior prom...
in the end...
my teeth look great.


You are still a freak. What the hell is up with this site? Did you get this communique? Its only 62 degrees but sunny here today. I must be off to perpetuate my whiteness.

Ouch! You still deserve a massage.

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