Ok.. next time I pick

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Ok.. next time I pick the movie.
rehash....I went to the movies with my girlies and saw The Hours.
It wasn't a bad film, but it definitely was ALL ABOUT THE GIRLS
I don't see many movies.
So, when I do go, and cough up the 9 bucks, I want to be totally transported away somewhere else.
I want 70 mm, 160 minutes worth of mind blowing special effects and a little suspension of disbelief.
Not a glimpse into why I am medicated.
I am so not the demographic of the entertainment industry.
Recap the last 4 movies I saw in the theater; (Netflix don't count!)
1. The Hours - good movie, but don't waste your money
2. The 25th Hour - same as above
3. Two Towers at the Cinarama Dome - awesome!
4. i cant remember..... lame

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