I went to the Tucson

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I went to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.
It was incredible.
Mother Nature makes the most beautiful art.
Feels good to be back with the kids. I missed my kids, but not too much.
It felt great being me, just plain ol' me.
I got inspired.
Guess it's time to put away the sewing stuff and break out the bead basket.
Idle hands ..... never.
come see what tbit hooked me up wit! Witold Reidel
That boy is some yummy blog toast.
Blogging of yummy things......... Mikey is going to set me right with some Movable-Type.
I'll be calling it "gimme some sugar, baby!"
Remember what your mother said..
"If you ain't got nuttin' nice to say, keep your mouth shut!"
sit up straight

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