Well, how does the new

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Well, how does the new color scheme work for you?
Change is good.
I survived my daughters 7th birthday party. It was a whole lotta candy,
jumping, screaming, and partying!!! 20+ kids (that's right...scary) and a team of parents to ref.
I kid you not, when I say that it takes a village to make good kids [and parties].
I am lucky to have found a group of parents to hang with who's kids are the same age.
See...., when the village works, even freaks like me can find others to flock with.
www.mrsdiggs.com did the cake and 28 cupcakes ranging in ALL sizes. A total hit!
Nothing is finer then the ability to shove one ENTIRE cupcake in your mouth when no one is looking.
Lemon Kirby ...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
If you havent heard, my sister is getting married. I love it! A wedding!
I am so excited. I get to pick my OWN bridesmaid dress!
This is such a great moment. The marrying off of Lisa.
Time to buck up and be there.

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