Oh thank heavens the holidays

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Oh thank heavens the holidays are over.
I didn't think would make it.
The day after Xmas I flew to Cincinnati for my 20 year class reunion [do the math yourself].
It was great!
I saw lots of people that I hadn't seen in 20 years and would never have recognized without the name tag.
In general the women in my class looked great.
The guys, however, did not age as gracefully. Most bald or balding and overweight.
We partied till 4 am.
I maintained my two drink limit, I didn't want to be the drunk idiot,
That honor went to an ex-football star, who fell over drunk while standing at the wall.
All in all a wholly satisfying experience.
I will never go to another reunion, once is definitely enough.
Some people look at high school as some defining moment in their lives.
To those who think that, I say, GET A FUCKIN' LIFE!!
High school was Horrific. The longest six years of my life.
The only good part was graduating and never looking back.

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