It's 65 degrees outside here

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It's 65 degrees outside here in Sunny So Cal.
Like living in paradise some days, till choppers fly over, and rattle the house.
Arctic Blast Grips Eastern U.S
I remember those times.
Going to work at the local Perkins Pancake House.
Too cold to get the car started, and too early for the bus
4 am.... walking in the silence of the cold.
The sound of cold is definately different from the sound of warm.
All you can hear in the cold is the crunch of dirty snow under cheap waitress shoes.
So cold you can't wear your walkman ear buds or large earrings.
Everything illuminated by the crazy mix of blue early morning light
and the orange of the mercury vapor street lamps.
The smell of hot coffee and frying bacon, would be waiting at the warm end of the trek.
That, and of course, serving hundreds of hungry rude people at 5 am
Hot plates of slop and eggs, some with cheese, please?
Better be nice or I'll spit in your juice.

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