Just read www.mrsdiggs.com She is

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Just read www.mrsdiggs.com
She is so cute. Broken oven and all.
I admit it, I am the one bugging her to get a new oven.
I cant help it. The Scary Mommy in me needs to be restrained.
Yeah, the constant mothering is making me crazy(ier).
Looking at the winter line up....all my Saturdays are now booked. Parties till 2003.
Oh yeah!!!
Zoe is turning 7 in January. She has stopped sucking her thumb.
We found this thumb guard in the One Step Ahead Catelog and IT WORKED.
Painlessly and fast.
She is getting so big.
Mira is now sleeping without her bedrail.
I was Super Productive Mom this Thanksgiving!

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