Mikey left for Comdex today.

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Mikey left for Comdex today.
The girls are wiped out from a weekend of slumber parties and soccer games.
Finally a little moment to blog....
This past week I was sick with what I thought might be a stomach virus.
I went to the Dr and after little examination declared that I was suffering from withdrawal from my antidepressant medication.
I had stopped taking it about 3 weeks ago, for all sorts of queer reasons.
His diagnosis to the problem, go back on the meds.
It's scary. Will the anti depressant pills of today will be looked upon as the housewife valium of the 70's?
Of course, the cause of the withdrawal would be ADDICTION. Is addiction really a bad thing?
I think it is over hyped. I am addicted to all sorts of things. My kids laughter & hugs.
Diet Coke, not caffeine, but diet coke. (Sometimes....I dream about it. )
Addiction is definitely over hyped and glamorized.
Everyone is an addict of something.
Society cannot function without addictions.
'Cause everyone is "addicted to love".

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