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I know.. I know... I haven't posted in sooooo long. Sorry. I'll try harder.
Mikey is away at a management/ team building retreat in Anaheim. Good times.
The house is so much easier to clean. It is amazing how much mess one person can generate.
I would start in to a Mikey rant but ... that is what http://pickupyourowndamnsocks.com/ is for.
I have spread myself thin for the holiday season. I have Houston in 2 weeks, a fund raising quilt for PDN by the 20th of Oct., and volunteering for the Holiday Craft Fair at Zoe's elementary school. CRAZY!!!
Why is it that once your child starts school that you have to start school too!?! I see the moms that don't volunteer and the look they get from the others. It's a double edged blade. Don't get me wrong I love what I am doing 'cause it's all about arts and crafts. But I come from the background of just get by, don't get involved.
At first I resented the public school system for all the volunteer demands it put on us. What about the parents that work full time, or really aren't social people? What was I gonna do?
But as the daily routine falls into place, find that I want to help and get involved. I wish there was a way to capture that smile on Zoe or Mira's face when they see me helping at school.
It's a heart crusher. And in itself, the recognition that I was really looking for.

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