Labor Day, ahhhh the end

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Labor Day, ahhhh the end of summer.
For anyone not in the So Cal area, let me tell you it was a scorcher. Yesterday the temp reading from inside my car was 110. Today it only reached 103.
It's like living on the fuckin' sun.
The heat makes people crazy too. Urban legend has it that when it get like this it's Earthquake weather. Whatever.
I am glad school is starting. I miss having a definitive routine. I love having my schedule dictated to me by the public school system, AND to top off my complete selling out, Zoe started soccer last Friday.
I am such a poser. In my world, my kids would go to some Waldorf type school, supplemented with piano and ballet lessons. Here's the crazy part of it, if that was my life then I would be the Apex of soccer momhood.
Instead, my kids go to public school, and play soccer. And I try to keep myself tethered to my beliefs and still function in society.
I once said, "I will never be one of those Bourgeois women who think true happiness is when your child is feed, clean and asleep."
How wrong was I ....

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