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The skinny on the wonderful party Mikey and went to at the Odyssey Restaurant in the Valley. It was beautiful to watch the sunset with the lights of the valley spread out in front of us. The only thing I never thought I would encounter is being "THE BOSSES WIFE". I have been many things in my life, "THE BOSSES WIFE" is something I would never have thought about. All the nice chit chat and pleasantries, was it me or be nice to "THE BOSSES WIFE"? Weird. Again some background, if you don't know me. I am married to a VP of a major corporation,.... ok Disney. I never thought Mikey would be a corporate guy and me a corporate soccer mom. When my life is put into those terms, it's enough to question my sanity. I thought I would ALWAYS be the outside artist girl who wore a lot of black. A small secret between you and me, I almost tried on a ...... pink oxford shirt...... I think the lapse of judgement was caused by my period.

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