The New World Order has

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The New World Order has arrived in my house/life.
My oldest daughter, just kicked me out of the bathroom to take a shower, AND she brought her own CD, Bare Naked Ladies, to 'pop' in the CD player.
Here I am ... half done....I am Be-Funked!?! Dressed and moisturized, waiting to dry my hair and put on my paint.
The future is looking bleak for this 1 3/4 bath house. THE FUTURE IS NOW.
I guess she is done because she turned the water off by herself.
Tomorrow..... what will it be? She already pierced her ears.
Just when I thought I had it down, I get cross checked. It NEVER occured to me that this would happen TODAY..oh my gad, she is only 6.
Got to go.....
and get her out, who the hell knows what she is getting into. More than likely it's my STUFF!!!

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