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Going to the beach with my kids is the funniest thing I have ever done. I love it, even though my car is full of sand. We went to Venice Beach about 50 feet south of the Venice Pier. Which, by the way, has consistently been getting an A+ rating in water quality. When I went to the beach before I had kids, I always looked for the quiet, furthest point away from the crowd. Now I am aligning myself with the life guard station. I WANT to be in the crowd. As a matter of fact, I am the crowd. Me and my kids are a roving party. I am the designated pack mule unless Mikey has come along, then by sheer gender he becomes the hauler. We come with only the necessities, towels, digging toys, swimsuits, extra clothes and a sheet to lay down on. Yesterday, however I added two folding chairs and they worked out great!! It's amazing to see the kids in the water. It's freezing cold water, cold ocean breeze and late summer sun, a delicious combination. They played in the sand by the surfs edge, every now and again getting tipped over by the unexpected wave. It was cracking me up !!!! It was a slice of pie to go see Mikey and my old apartment. The Enchanted El Dorado, at 30 Westminster Ave. It was a whole lifetime ago. My Aunt Elsie, sent me some pictures of Mikey and me when his granny was still alive, maybe 6 years ago. I looked great, young, thin and with out the ravages of kids. Then I took it further, and thought is there anyway I could ever look like that again AND should I even want to look like that again. Is my ideal physical looking self was when I was 29/30? Don't flame me about aging, this is my blog. All this is leading up to WHY is the beauty of youth wasted on the young. Or rather, why does the media insist on shovelling young girls down our advertising throat as some kind of cure for aging. There is no cure to aging because aging is not an infliction. I can say I would have plastic surgery if I could, but the deep issue being why the hell should I? Isn't that reinforcing the wicked message to my girls ? If I want them to have true inner beauty, they have to accept themselves as they are. Which means I have to, too. But I would love to have some nice, new, firm breasts......oh my god I am such a hypocrite!!!

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