Some background. I am a

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Some background. I am a married woman with two small kids, ages 3 & 6. I never thought my life would turn out this way.
I am a corporate wife, living in suburbia Los Angeles. Not quite the soccer mom, but close.
Before I had kids, (BIHK) I pictured myself hanging out in the studio, doing the commercial photography hustle. Take European vacations with my husband. That kind of thing. Instead, I am up to my ears in McDonalds and Pokemon.
The modern mother is the most underpaid, least appreciated position in society. Ancient society had it right to worship the mother. It takes everything ounce of organization and self motivation to stay above the din of the house keeping. " I cannot ask me lower my standards, you must raise yours" said by me to my husband. Does the laundry ever really get done?

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