My rant on IKEA, ok,

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My rant on IKEA, ok, I know it's big world and something has to furnish it, however does it really all boil down to IKEA. I went to IKEA today with my 6 year old daughter Zoe. She loves to go because she gets to play in the ballroom. So we go there to kill some summertime. She is in kid heaven while I am in house heaven. I am forever questing for the perfect little shelf that will hid a countertops worth of stuff. I wander around looking at all the stuff realizing that IKEA falsely leads you to believe that you need this stuff. I cant stand it!!!! IKEA is the cotton candy of home furnishing. It looks great and has a sweet price, but that's all there is. It's a money machine. I have owned 3 IKEA dressers ranging from the cheapest, $60.00 to a $300.00 piece of particle board. All of them had short lives because IKEA is inherently disposable. Landfills will be filled with disposable diapers and IKEA crap.

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