I survived. My Mikey turns

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I survived. My Mikey turns 35 today. We had little party last night, it was all good. The girls and I went to the beach on Friday. It was so wonderful. They had such a great time playing in the surf and sand. We flew Zoe's kite and helped a blind old bum get a milkshake. They girls and I went to the worlds worst, depressing McDonalds in the world. The McD's on the corner of Broadway and 2nd St in Santa Monica, CA. It is so sad because all the homeless people and tourists flock there and the mix is toxic. We ate outside after we encountered a bag lady cleaning up in the womens bathroom. While sitting at our table, a blind homeless man was feeling around the window trying to find the entrance, no one was helping him. He was so smelly and yucky. So I stepped up and help him, I lead him to the door. He asked me if I could help him place his order. I told him sorry I couldn't leave my two daughters alone. He understood and went in. A few minute later he came out and I asked him to sit with us. The girls looked a little leary so I excused us and said goodbye. He was telling me that he had gone in there and has enough money to buy a milkshake, but the people working there wont take his money and gave him a cup of water. I felt like so terrible for that man. He was so old and sick. SO I bought a large milkshake and took it out to him. The entire time I am wrestling with this I am having to explain EVERYTHING to my 6 and 4 year old girls. I told them that they cant just see a yucky stinky old man, that at one time he was someones little baby.

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